Lash Extension

Types & Pricing 

Classic Lash    2 hours

This style mimics your natural lash line but adds the appearance of a darker, more noticeable lash curl, no mascara needed. This set is perfect for those with a healthy lash line, without gaps and can hold a full set of extensions.​





Classic Lash Fill  $80  (1.25 hrs)

Extended Classic Lash Fill   $85  (1.5 hrs)

Hybrid Lash   3-3.5 hours

Want more fullness than our Classic Set can provide but not quite ready for full Volume? Say hello to the perfect mix of eyelash extensions! In this chic set, classic lashes are used to add texture, while volume fans are used to create density,enhancing your overall lash line by disguising small gaps or sparse lashes. 



Hybrid Lash Fill - 1.5 hrs - $90   

Extended Hybrid lash Fill - 2 hours - $115

Volume Lash            3.5 - 4 hours

This set provides the most customization of all the sets. You'll experience a range of options from light and fluffy to dense and full coverage. Either option will give you a full, impactful lash line with our Volume eyelash extensions. Layers of Volume fans are used to fill in gaps or sparseness. Each fan is handmade and carefully crafted from very light, ultra fine, lash extensions, specifically designed for your lash line. 


Volume Lash Fill  2 hrs - $100  ​

Extended Volume Lash Fill  2.5 hrs - $125 

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